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Furniture without nails?? How it sticks together.

May 2, 2011

The patented UCube is a build-your-own system of furniture that allows you to configure the cubes for tables, desks, stands, and beds to suit your own needs and space. Pretty neat, huh? Good for those of us who like both CONTROL and CHANGE in our environment 🙂

UCube describes their pieces as: “Crafted out of solid sustainably harvested hardwood using the strongest wood working techniques known, each cube is constructed using dowel, and mortise and tenon joinery. No nails are used in the construction. The drawers are constructed using english dovetails, one of the strongest joints known.”

Dovetails? Mortise? And a piece of furniture that holds up without nails? Got us wondering what it all meant,  so we asked our Maco furniture expert, Paul, and he supplied us with the following information:

Mortise and Tenon – A skillfully executed joint in which typically no nails or screws are used. The protruding sawn edge of the tenon board is inserted into the matching routed opening of the mortise board. This functional joint is most often used to connect table and chair legs to crosspieces. Some designs intentionally expose the beauty of this precise joinery

Mortise and Tenon

Dovetail – A strong, decorative joint formed by interlocking wedges securing two planes of wood that meet at a right angle. This joinery may be beautifully exposed on drawer front corners, where it withstands constant pushing and pulling motions.  You  occasionally may use dovetailing at the top edges of a dresser or cabinet for its intriguing visual appeal

Dovetail joint - it's sturdy!

So THAT’s how a box holds up without nails. Pretty amazing!

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